Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bio Poem

IALT write a bio poem.
I know I will be successful when I can:

  • write adjectives describing me
  • write about my fears and loves
  • write about my feelings.
I found writing this bio poem easy because I had the example to copy.  I found the adjectives hard to write.  Next time I could use a dictionary to help me with my words.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My welcome post

Kia ora, my name is Tatiana.  My favourite sports are swimming, ice skating and gym stuff.  I go to Elm Park.  The purpose of my blog is to show my learning  and the stuff that I do through the whole year.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

geometry-3D Shapes

Stage 2
Geometry Learning Intention
I am learning to recognise and describe 3D shapes using mathematical language.

Success Criteria
I know I will be successful when I:
identify 3D objects
sort 3D objects into categories
explain what faces, edges and corners are
describe faces, edges and corners of 3D objects

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My maths goal

My Maths goal

I am learning to solve subtraction and addition problems using two or more strategies.

Success Criteria
I know I will be successful when I...
· can use 2 different strategies to solve addition problems.
· can use 2 different strategies to solve subtraction problems.
· can use my basic facts to help me add or subtract.

· can explain my thinking using equipment or mental strategies.

Thursday, 15 August 2013



A long, long time ago there lived a beautiful girl called Cinderella.  She lived with her father, who was called Bayana because her mother was working in North America. She and her father were very happy.   

One day her Dad became ill.   He was burning like fire.  His illness made him become extremely ill and is was quite atrocious.  

One day they met a little girl called Ruby. She was with a little mouse and came to their front door.  When Cinderella opened the door, Ruby said “Hello can I please come in?  Your mother has sent has sent me to stay for one week.”  

“Yes you can come in but be very quiet because my father is very ill and he might hear you,” said Cinderella.

Ruby got changed into her uniform then she went and to help Cinderella.
Cinderella said, “hi can you  help  me to make a dress for the ball?”

“OK.” Then ding dong went the door bell.  

“Hello is Cinderella home?”said  a man,  “so you want to go to the ball ?”
“Yes, I saw it on the iPad,  computer and TV.” said Cinderella.

“Cool,” said the man. “OK see u tonight.”  The man was really the Prince disguised as a servant .

Then she said to her father, “Can I go to the ball tonight father please?”

“Not in your filthy clothes,” said her father.

Then when she came into her room she saw her dress.  It was a white dress with sparkly diamonds and pretty bow for her hair.  There were white shoes to go with it.  

She said thank you to Ruby and the mice and birds who had made the drww. guys then she went down stairs.  She saw a wizard and he said, “What is all of that on you?  You are not supposed to be wearing that.”

“But my father said I could.” Then her father came in a said. “no I didn’t.”

They ripped Cinderella’s dress and they left without Cinderella.   Then she ran outside and  sat on the ground and put her face on the chair.  She was crying.   

Suddenly, her fairy Godmother appeared and said “Helloo my darling . You look very sad.” and the fairy Godmother said. “its ok.”
Suddenly a pumpkin became a carriage and then the mice and birds and mouse became horses and a man .  Then Cinderella had a nice rainbow dress.  It was shiny and her shoes where rainbow and shiny then her fairy god mother said “do not forget that at 12:00 to come back home.”

Then she was at the ball with her shiny dress and shoes and when the Prince saw Cinderella they both fell in love and danced all night long but she forgot to go out of the ball at 12:00.  Then she  ran back home but left her show behind.

The next day the Prince went to Cinderella and said, “You are the one.” Then the prince put the shoe on Cinderella and she fit it. Then the next day they got married and they lived happyily together  

The end